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Witty's Lagoon BC

Shallow tidal pools and warm sandy beachs...great spot for sun bathing
and playing on the large open sand bars when the tide is out.
Witty's Lagoon offers short pleasant hikes through sunny forested
trails, with wildlife viewing along the lagoon and the sandy tidal flats.
This is one of the nicest regional parks on southern Vancouver Island.

Sitting Lady Falls Witty's Lagoon BC
Sitting Lady Falls viewing platform and start of the Beach Trail.
Enjoy a short hike through winding sunlight trails along the
salt marsh ending at the sandy tidal beach.
Beach Trail Witty's Lagoon BC
Beach Trail Witty's Lagoon BC
Boardwalk Beach Trail Witty's Lagoon Vancouver Island
Lagoon Trail, Witty's Lagoon BC
Sitting Lady Falls viewing platform, Lagoon Trail, Witty's Lagoon.
Forested creekside trail, boardwalks and bridges lead to Witty's Lagoon
via the Lagoon Trail from an almost hidden small parking lot off of
Metchosin Road just before the driving range. Trail leads to Witty's Lagoon,
Sitty Lady Falls, the Beach Trail and the Witty's Lagoon information centre.
Beach Witty's Lagoon BCBeach Witty's Lagoon BC
Witty's Lagoon Information Centre offers free guided tours during the
summer months, canine pets are not allowed in the beach area
June 1st to September 15 so families and children can play and picnic.
Cannie pets are allowed on the Lagoon Trail and Tower Point.
There is no over camping at this regional park, day use only.
Tower Point Witty's Lagoon BC
View of the beach from Tower Point, across from Witty's Lagoon.
Hidden sandy coves, rocky islets, grassy fields and picnicking
areas overlooking Witty's Lagoon and estuary. Enjoy sunbathing,
hiking or picnicking, popular off leash area with it's large grassy fields
and access to the ocean, part of the Witty's Lagoon Regional Park.
Tower Point Witty's Lagoon BC
On low tide days, (2.0 ft./0.6 m or lower), you can make the crossing
from or to the main beach. Access and small parking lot can be found
on Olympic View Drive, off of Duke Road and Metchosin Road.
Witty's Lagoon BC
For detailed maps and more info visit the official
CDR Witty's Lagoon Website
Witty's Lagoon Regional Park
Take the 1A from Victoria onto the Old Island Hwy (14) turn left on
Metchosin road and you'll find Witty's Lagoon on the left hand side
just across from the Metchosin Golf and Country Club Entrance.
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